Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is designed to help the users understand how we gather, use and share the information provided by them on Shops and Homes Property Portal.

This privacy policy is designed to help the users understand how we gather, use and share the information provided by them on Shops and Homes website.

Shops and Homes only collects personal information of the individuals that is required for its functions and activities and, if it is specifically provided by users. Our server only collects necessary information such as domain name of your Internet service provider, web pages of Shops and Homes accessed by you and when. The purpose is to analyze our website and optimize it to suit the needs of users. We want to stress on the fact that we never collect any information that may disclose the identity of any individual.

Cookies are small bits of data that gets downloaded to your mobile or computer. These cookies help us to improve user experience on the website. It aids in remembering your preferences, displaying relevant information to you, a probable language switch and presenting our website to suit the OS version of your mobile or computer. You may also reject the use of cookies.

Google Analytics is a web based analytical service of Google, Inc. We use Google Analytics to analyze our website, make it more user-friendly and understand how visitors use our site. This analytical service makes use of cookies to know how often you accessed our website, duration of the visit and your IP address to evaluate your use of our website. It aids the web operators to understand the behavior of users related to website activity. Google may share some information related to user activity with the third parties, wherever required by law However, Google will never share your IP address with any other third party.

By registering on or using Shops and Homes website, users are accepting the processing of their information by Google.

Shops and Homes uses certain tools that allow you to share web content on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Googleplus. When users use any of these buttons present on our website to share the content, the social media website may set a cookie on your mobile device or computer. It may be a third party cookie placed by the social media websites. Check out the pertinent social media sites, should you have any queries regarding the use of third-party cookies.

You can make appropriate changes in your browser’s settings to reject the use of cookies. By doing so, you will lose certain functionalities such as “Remember My Username and Password” and “Keep me signed in” features.

This policy was last updated on 9th january, 2014