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Shops and Homes has more than 10,000+ properties listed to rent in and around Mumbai. Whatever be the nature of the property you are looking for – from studio apartments to villas, commercial shops or lands – we have the right options for you!

You may be a student looking for a property to rent while pursuing your education. Or you could be a young man/woman working in the city of your dreams. Or you could be the head of a family. It doesn't matter what you do – we have a property on rent for you in Mumbai!

This site is equipped with a powerful search functionality to help you find the right property to rent at the right price.

In case you need advice to rent properties, then our expert team will help you. Agents who are registered with our site will help you finalize a property that is surrounded by the right amenities. Here is how they will help you further:

  • Handle all your queries on your behalf with the property owner
  • Take care of all your paperwork
  • Help you with registration and deposit collection

So go ahead and use Shops and Homes today to find the property of your dreams!

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